I started surfing the net in late 98. My first personal website was a celebrity fan site. Later on I started noticing some celebrity names that were being used for advertising, or in some cases, adult websites. I found a couple of celebrity names that I was a fan of that were not registered yet, so I registered them and put up a simple page for that person to contact me if they want their domain. A little later, I went into the website hosting and domain name registration business. Since domain names were getting cheaper and registration was my business, I decided to start watching for other names to register so the rightful owners could have them.

In October of 2004 I heard about Kimmie Meissner and since she was just starting to get popular, I registered to prevent cybersquatters from getting the chance to grab it. I then wrote to Kimmie's skating club about the domain to explain why I registered it and see if the Meissner family wanted it, but never heard back. Through 2005 I attempted to contact the Meissner family through a few other avenues and in the meantime, decided to put up a simple fan site. Late 2005 and early 2006 Kimmie got more popular and the site got very popular, so I fixed the site up and added more content while waiting to hear from someone about it. In July of 2006 I finally heard from someone, Kimmie's agent. I finally had contact with someone and found out the Meissner's wanted the domain, so I gave the domain to them. officially belonged to the Meissner's as of then. Since my fan site was very popular and enjoyed by many, I decided to keep it going and just move it to a new location (URL), and that's when was born. is my own personal fan site. What happens with is currently unknown, but will likely be used for her official site some day. When I know more, I will post it on my fan site.

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